Many Precious Blessings

Mar 6, 2011

Here again!

Ok, so I haven't posted in like, FOREVER.  But I had some problems in the computer department for about 6 months.  First my desktop died beyond repair, and I was using my laptop.  Then my laptop died too, and I lost a couple months worth of photos because I did not have my back-up system properly working on the laptop. Sheesh!  The kite layout in the last post is one of the things I lost!  Oh well, at least it got posted in web-quality form on the internet!  But I don't have the high-resolution file anymore for printing.  So last December, I purchased a desktop once again with enough power to have fun with my digital scrapbooking again.!  blah blah blah...

So I've been wanting  to share a before and after shot of a clock I refinished.  I am continually inspired and motivated by a friend at Kammy's Korner.

I forgot to take a before picture, so I dug through my old photos until I found one of the clock on the wall in it's original condition.  This was taken in 2007 in my 90's kitchen which badly needed updating!  Oh yes, and please disregard the big no-no of putting your baby in a Bumbo seat on an elevated surface.  I'm a bad mother...shame on me.  Anyway, there's the clock with it's mauve hearts and country green frame.

And here's the after shot.  My new family room is brown, cream, and dark orange.  Now I don't need to buy a new clock!  Now how can I recolor that wall quilt?  NOT happening!

The swirls are some acrylic stamps that I dipped in cream paint.  And I tried to "grunge" it up by painting some white paint on the edges with a sponge.


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