Many Precious Blessings

May 5, 2010

Mother/Daughter Tea at Linn Manor Care Center

Last Sunday was our 3rd annual Tea Party at Linn Manor.  Dana Gratton and I, along with the ladies at Linn Manor (thanks to Cassie, Marilyn, Pat, Linda and Mary) had so much fun planning and producing!  Leah and Libby were our little princess servers.  All of the residents and families had a wonderful afternoon together.

Birthday #3

Happy birthday to Laura!  It's so fun to watch a 3-year old try to blow out candles!  We thought the cake was going to burn down before she finally got them out.  Two big sisters helped her a little bit in the end!
The porcelain Tea Party Set was a hit, but we'll see how long it takes before a piece gets broken.  So far, she has served tea to every stuffed animal in the house.
Recently, Laura's favorite thing to do is cut paper with REAL scissors.  I just love the concentration on her face in this photo.  She makes quite a mess, but it keeps her busy!