Many Precious Blessings

Jul 2, 2010


Thanks to a challenge at Sweet Shoppe Designs, I found inspiration to make a scrapbook page for some older photos.  These were taken 4 years ago, and I had never put them in a photo album or made any scrapbook pages with them.  The challenge was: "June 15th is Fly A Kite Day! Go fly a kite and scrap it!"  I have always loved these pictures.  Why hadn't I scrapped them yet?

Credits -
Kit: Trail Mix by Heather Roselli and Julie Billingsley
Photo Cluster:
Bent Bunch 16 by Penny Springmann
Page Frame Templates by Penny Springmann
Font: CK Typeset

Jun 16, 2010

Older photos, newer scrapbook pages

I just finished these pages, and I thought I would share them.  I took WAY too many photos last summer at this picnic.  But the kids were so photogenic doing the many funny relay races!

Credits - 
Kit:  Park Play by Amanda McGee
Layout Templates (altered): Album Series 5 by Angie Briggs
Fonts:  Traveling Typewriter, AMC Chalk Talk

Girls must twirl!

How do you catch the action of twirling and constant giggling in photographs?  I think the girls were quite dizzy by the time I told them to stop!

Credits - 
Layout Inspiration:  Jenny Jorgensen
Kit:  Delightful by Syndee Nuckles
Doodle Art:  Creative Memories
Filmstrip Frame:  Lifted Photos - Weathered by Melissa Renfro
Fonts: SS Play Font, CTMH Fountain Pen

Jun 14, 2010

End of the Year School Activites

Leah participated in the "Little Indian Track Meet" a couple weeks ago.  She did the standing long jump, and the 50 m, 100 m, and 200 m races.  She competed against other 1st-grade girls.  The 50 m race was the very first event, and I don't think she understood that the man was shooting a gun to start.  She was a step behind everyone else off the line!  We had a fun day, and that's all that matters!

Here is Libby at her Preschool Graduation.  Leah got to walk up with her!
This is Libby with both Preschool classes, using the parachute.  She caught me taking the picture and waved to me.

May 5, 2010

Mother/Daughter Tea at Linn Manor Care Center

Last Sunday was our 3rd annual Tea Party at Linn Manor.  Dana Gratton and I, along with the ladies at Linn Manor (thanks to Cassie, Marilyn, Pat, Linda and Mary) had so much fun planning and producing!  Leah and Libby were our little princess servers.  All of the residents and families had a wonderful afternoon together.

Birthday #3

Happy birthday to Laura!  It's so fun to watch a 3-year old try to blow out candles!  We thought the cake was going to burn down before she finally got them out.  Two big sisters helped her a little bit in the end!
The porcelain Tea Party Set was a hit, but we'll see how long it takes before a piece gets broken.  So far, she has served tea to every stuffed animal in the house.
Recently, Laura's favorite thing to do is cut paper with REAL scissors.  I just love the concentration on her face in this photo.  She makes quite a mess, but it keeps her busy!

Mar 28, 2010

Sunday School Program

This post is written for our family far away, who could not join us in person today.  I posted a couple of video  clips of Leah and Libby participating in our Sunday School Program this morning.  All of the kids did a wonderful job!

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing

Mar 26, 2010

Princess Cake

Libby recently celebrated her 5th birthday.  We had SO much fun making a princess cake and I thought I would share how we made it here on the blog.  I found a how-to video on YouTube (where else do you find out how to do things?!)

Here's the birthday girl next to her cake!  Libby was all worried that I had gotten Barbie's dress all dirty in the cake and frosting.  I assured her that Barbie was covered in Saran Wrap!  I thought about just taking Barbie's clothes off, but I couldn't stand the thought of pulling a naked Barbie out of the cake while cutting it up for everyone to eat!  That would be immodest!
This cake uses TWO cake mixes, so be sure to invite lots of friends to help you eat it or you will be eating cake for awhile!

The frosting I used was this recipe:

1 c. cold milk
1/4 c. powdered sugar
1 sm. box vanilla or chocolate instant pudding mix
Beat on low for 1 minute. Stir in 8 ounce thawed Cool Whip. (If using vanilla pudding you might add a few drops of red food coloring for pretty pink frosting.)

Mar 25, 2010

Mexico Trip

Jon and I spent 8 days in Guadalajara working on the new Gospel Hall in Zapopan.  Eleven of us went together in two vehicles:  Mark Fitch and daughter Maria, Paul Eadie and son Caleb, Jesse Fitch and daughter Abigail, David and Carissa Slabaugh and son Dawson.  Jon and I stayed with Alberto and Lucy, while the others stayed with Paul and Barb Thiessen. 

At the beginning of the week, the new hall site had brick walls, a dirt floor, and a roof over the main auditorium.  By the end of the week, we had poured a concrete floor - complete with stairs into the baptismal, installed a soffit along the entrance, and completely wired the whole place with electrical.  Unfortunately, power was not hooked up to the building while we were there, but Paul T. reported a week later that power had been hooked up and the lights looked wonderful!  

Getting to know the Christians at Zapopan was a true blessing.  We will never forget it.  The food was phenomenal!  Barb and the other ladies fed us very well!  We left part of our hearts down there, so I can imagine we will return one day.  :o)

Click images to make them larger.

The existing tin Gospel Hall in Zapopan.  David and Carissa entering, Joshua (Gustavo's son is greeting)

During Sunday School singing

Setting formwork for concrete

Gustavo, David, and Mark setting up electrical access to the building

Paul working on forms for the baptismal stairs, David and Paul wiring the soffit lighting

The concrete for pour #1 (out of 3) has arrived

Half of the floor complete; Caleb riding with Alto

Transportation to work; Caleb carrying soffit materials

Using mixer to pour baptismal stairs

Jesse and Jon installing the soffit, Mark with the completed panel box

Paul E. with Gus; lunch at Paul and Barb's

Barb in her kitchen; the group in downtown Guadalajara

At Zamora on Wed evening; Alloy and Patti and family

Alberto and Lucy and their casa